Level Management

Level control in a separator controls the interface between the water and the oil (liquid hydrocarbons). There must be sufficient time to create a layer of oil above the free water. The water controller controls the interface level creating a pad between the water and oil. A weir is used to separate the oil from the water and another controller is used to control the oil level. The natural gas flows on the top of the separator. To maintain the interface level to ensure optimal production out of the separator the instrumentation is integral to the process.
Spartan has a wide breath application and solution around separator level controls. Whether it’s pneumatic or electronic technologies being applied we have the solution that fits your needs. Spartan works with industry leading OEM’s and contractors in Western Canada to provide level control solutions to the fabricators and contractors you are partnering with.
Fisher 249
Together with either a 2500 pneumatic level controller or DLC3010 level transmitter, Fisher 249 Series level sensors are used wherever rugged, dependable and simply constructed displacer-style pneumatic instrumentation is required in liquid level, interface level, or density service.
The rugged Fisher L2 liquid level controller uses a displacer type sensor to detect liquid level or the interface of two liquids of different specific gravities and compares the level with a desired value (set point) to produce a pneumatic signal that can operate a dump valve.
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