Net Oil

Spartan applies leading industry technology to deliver efficient flow and density measurements for accurate net oil calculations that allow for local readability or digital access through an operator interface. The ROC Net Oil Computer (NOC) with Micro Motion Coriolis Meter provides a well production flow computer solution designed for compliance with Directive 17 and API 2540 calculations. 

Designed with flexibility for multiphase separators, the ROC NOC can accommodate standard 24 hour well tests or continuous group production applications. Explore Spartan's automated process control solutions and discover the convenience of accurate accessible data for optimized production.     

ROC 800
The ROC800 Remote Operations Controller is a microprocessor-based controller that provides the functions requires for a variety of field automation applications. The ROC800 monitors, measures, and controls equipment in a remote environment and is ideal for applications requiring flow computation up to 24 PID control loops, logic sequencing control, and up to 12 meter runs.
FloBoss 107
The FloBoss 107 technology platform raises the bar for modularity, versatility, performance, and easy of use. Its configuration flexibility allows single or multi-run flow computer setup with few or many I/O points to accommodate your needs. It is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications.
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