Unit Train Loading and Unloading

According to the National Energy Board, Canada exported an average of 46,000 bpd of crude oil by rail to the United States in 2012. As typical pipeline shipments need to be diluted with 30 percent condensate to reduce viscosity, moving bitumen by rail has become a viable option. Unit trains are comprised of a single commodity and typically assembled and disassembled at a single origin and destination providing economies of scale, short lead time and rail freight efficiencies.

Spartan's RailVue™ is designed and built for reliability, allowing producers to reduce capital losses from unaccounted for fluid volumes by reducing measurement error. Accurate density corrected water cuts using the dynamic AutoComp™ calculation provides accurate oil and water volumes, industry compliance calculations and real-time data management and diagnostics. The RailVue system is scalable to meet any number of transfer points required at a terminal and interfaces with corporate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and production accounting.

Accurate liquid density measurement in custody transfer, blending and concentration applications is critical to limit financial and productivity risks. Emerson’s Micro Motion Compact Density Meter reduces your system integration and set-up costs and incorporates a new meter health diagnostic called Known Density Verification (KDV), which minimizes your maintenance burdens.
Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analyzers are precision real-time instruments developed specifically for us in the oil industry to measure the amount of water in oil pipelines.
For 50 years, Drexelbrook has established itself as the world’s leader in capacitive based water cut measurements. Used in applications such as automatic well testing, lease automatic custody transfer, basic sediment and water, separation vessels, pipeline slug detection, truck unloading, and more.
The FloBoss S600+ is an industry leading flow computer with the horsepower to tackle any of your flow application requirements. The S600+ has the built in capability to store 20 separate configurations which are selectable upon boot up, and measure up to 10 flow runs while completing double precision calculations.
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