Truck Unloading System FB107

Spartan’s TUS FB107 system accurately monitors off loading from a truck bay for hydrocarbon fluids such as condensate or light to heavy density crude oil. The system utilizes Rosemount’s Micro Motion Coriolis meter for volume flow measurement and water cut determination. The meter provides three on line measurements that include mass flow, density, and temperature and can be used over a wide range of densities and volume flow rates, providing custody transfer accuracy.

The TUS FB107 system water cut determination is typically provided in the following methods:

- 0-5% Density Compensated Drexelbrook Cut Monitor

- 0-100% or 5-100% Net Oil Density Comparison using Micro Motion

- 0-100% Microwave water analysis using Phase Dynamics (Heavy Oil Unloading)

FloBoss 107

The FloBoss 107 technology platform raises the bar for modularity, versatility, performance, and ease of use. Its configuration flexibility allows single or multi-run flow computer setup with few or many I/O points to accommodate your needs. It is the ideal measurement solution for many natural gas applications.

Accurate liquid density measurement in custody transfer, blending and concentration applications is critical to limit financial and productivity risks. Emerson’s Micro Motion Compact Density Meter reduces your system integration and set-up costs and incorporates a new meter health diagnostic called Known Density Verification (KDV), which minimizes your maintenance burdens.
Phase Dynamics Water-Cut Analyzers are precision real-time instruments developed specifically for us in the oil industry to measure the amount of water in oil pipelines.
For 50 years, Drexelbrook has established itself as the world’s leader in capacitive based water cut measurements. Used in applications such as automatic well testing, lease automatic custody transfer, basic sediment and water, separation vessels, pipeline slug detection, truck unloading, and more.
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