Custody Transfer

In a custody transfer system, various instruments are installed, providing more insight into the operating conditions of the system and accurate fiscal measurement. Some of the most important challenges at the gas processing level is custody transfer and allocation that form the primary requirement of every processing contract with a producer.

Spartan Controls provides gas chromatographs, flow computers, odorant injection systems and accurate and reliable measurements of flow, gas density, temperature, static and differential pressure. By utilizing Spartan Controls' extensive custody transfer experience, customers can maximize the efficiency and performance of the complete system and ensure compliance to all regulatory standards.

Coriolis products are commonly used for flow and density measurements in applications such as crude oil, pipeline custody transfer, truck loading/unloading, and more. Spartan Controls represents Micro Motion, which provides industry leading accuracy and reliability even in the toughest process conditions. Micro Motion meters are the highest performing coriolis flow and density measurement devices available today.
Rosemount Vortex Flowmeters allow you to achieve better measurement practices across your applications by eliminating potential leak points, incorporating gasket-free meter body designs that are immune to vibration, and enabling best installation practices with Reducer and MultiVariable Cortex.
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