Regulatory Compliance

Multi-sector Air Pollutants Regulations (MSAPR), formally called Base Level Industrial Emission Requirements (BLIERs), are NOx regulations  for stationary reciprocating natural gas engines in Canada and will apply to all new 75kW (100hp) and above engines and all existing 250kW (335hp) and above engines. The regulation proposes an 11 year time frame for compliance, mandating 50% of the engine fleet meet NOx targets within 6 years, and 100% of the fleet meeting NOx targets in 11 years. Owner/Operators of these engines will have two approaches available to meet compliance, a Per Unit approach, and an Average approach.

Spartan has the expertise, along with recommended 3rd party qualified consultants, to assist with the detailed analysis and implementation planning. An early understanding of these details will ensure compliance by the required dates. Knowing if you have 20 or 200 engines to retrofit in the allotted time will be key to meeting your companies and regulatory expectations. 

Spartan has the only patented rich to lean technology (REMVue) that enables substantial NOx reductions, fuel savings and reliability improvements. Optional ECO Plug technology extends NOx reduction and fuel savings for new and existing REMVue AFR systems Non-Selective Catalyst Reduction (NSCR) with Stoichiometric air/fuel ratio control.

SlipStream GTS is a patent pending technology designed to capture low pressure, highly variable vented hydrocarbons from Oil and Condensate Storage tanks. The GTS system routes the gas to a Main Process Burner or and Auxiliary burner resulting in fuel savings, GHG reduction and greater than 99.9% VOC destruction for environmental compliance.
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