Turbo Compression

LNG facilities contain critical rotating and reciprocating assets, from Boil Off Gas Compressors to Balance of Plant (BOP) transfer pumps, all of which impact production and operating costs. “Run to Failure” or “Run to Shut Down” can lead to expensive reactive maintenance practices or loss of production negatively impacting operational efficiency and business results. Additonally, maintenance and production departments require reliability information that seamlessly integrates with operation and control systems.

Emerson’s AMS Machinery Health Solutions and PROGNOST Asset Management Systems provide fit for purpose technologies that integrate with DeltaV driven operations providing reliable operations in  key areas of all LNG facilities. Utilizing fully integrated systems, operators harvest all key information assets have to offer. Automation of maintenance functions is provided through application specific protection and monitoring solutions thereby mitigating consequential asset damage and increasing maintenance intervals.

PROGNOST provides detailed analysis capabilities to determine failure modes of reciprocating equipment and online monitoring capabilities with playback options to detect transient events.
Achieve and maintain optimum equipment performance.
Fisher ODV
Fisher’s Optimized Digital Valve actuation package is designed specifically for the rigors of compressor surge control applications.
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