Remote Asset Management

Mechanical equipment will eventually break down, it is simply a matter of time. Operators can only hope that the breakdown doesn’t occur at the peak of their production schedule, or be caused by an out-of-inventory part. Knowing the health and condition of rotating mechanical assets allows operators to plan for repairs rather than react to unexpected failures. Sharing this information between maintenance and operations means repairs are anticipated and production schedules are adjusted accordingly. Emerson's AMS® Suite: Machinery Health Manager diagnoses and communicates the health of mechanical and rotating machinery using data from several predictive maintenance technologies. The result, a comprehensive view of each monitored machine and a more accurate diagnosis when developing problems are discovered.
Asset Management
Achieve “Best in Class” Reliability and Maintenance performance by incorporating AMS Predictive technologies within your reliability based maintenance programs. Using the Predictive and Diagnostic capabilities of AMS, Spartan Controls can help you achieve a step-change in cost reduction and improved asset/process availability and related uptime.
The PROGNOST®-DataCenter serves as interface to the process control system (PCS). It collects all data transmitted from the MP1 or DC1 card of the PROGNOST®-SILver.
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