Oil and Gas

Globally, two-thirds of the world’s energy supply is derived from oil and gas. Standing tall amongst its industry stakeholders, Western Canada has been and continues to be an active and vital participant in its contribution to the global energy sector.

With over 50 years of industry and learned experience, Spartan Controls has earned its credibility by providing customers with innovative technology to ensure their unique automation challenges are met with success. 

Spartan’s oil and gas industry solutions, supported by proven quantified results, reduce maintenance costs, increase productivity, safeguard reliability, and enhance asset performance. Spartan recognizes that anticipating your needs ensures your success. 

Map of Canada

Canada's oil and natural gas industry is active in 12 of 13 provinces and territories. Using goods and services from many regions, Canada's exploration and production of oil and gas is truly a national industry. 

Click here to see the oil and natural gas activity in each province. 

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