Machinery Health

Blasthole drills set the pace for your entire fragmentation process. Any interruption in service can result in slowed mine production. Because of the variable loads they endure, and exposure to harsh operating environments, blasthole drills are susceptible to periodic mechanical breakdown. Even the best preventative maintenance strategy can fail to identify emerging equipment problems. When failure occurs, the cost associated with repair of drilling equipment can increase dramatically and bore into profits. 

By outfitting blasthole drills with the CSI6500 online, condition-based monitoring system you can continuously monitor vibration on vehicle systems such as hoist pulldown and top drive, your maintenance staff can gain greater visibility into problems as they arise, and you no longer have to take equipment out of service for periodic data collection as your staff can assess vehicle irregularities from the safety of a centralized control room.

Additionally, interfacing with the AMS Machinery Manager software allows your staff to determine equipment faults and severity while correlating findings with other collected data such as oil samples – all within the same software environment. 

The CSI 6500 Machinery Health Monitor is designed for process automation and protection system upgrade projects and combines prediction and protection in a single chassis. 

The rugged CSI 9420 Wireless Vibration Transmitter connects quickly, easily, and economically to any machine. It delivers vibration information over a highly-reliable, self-organizing wireless network for use by operations and maintenance personnel.

Vibration data collection and analysis is the accepted cornerstone to any predictive maintenance or reliability program. Emerson’s CSI 2140 takes those vibration measurements to the next level with simultaneous four-channel plus phase data collection and unique peak detection capabilities for the earliest indication of bearing and gearbox degradation.
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Achieve “Best in Class” Reliability and Maintenance performance by incorporating AMS Predictive technologies within your reliability based maintenance programs.
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