Temperature and Pressure Control

Accurate and reliable pressure and temperature are crucial to the reaction process. 

Inaccurate temperature or pressure measurement leads to off spec product and wasted production costs.

Rosemount temperature transmitters provide advanced diagnostics such as drift alert, as well as thermocouple degradation alarms that ensure the temperature that is being sensed is accurate and reliable. Additionally, hot back up ensures that a sensor failure is not going to cause a process upset or off spec product. 

With its scalable platform delivering integrated pressure, DP flow and DP level solutions, the Rosemount 3051S Series of Instrumentation is the industry’s premier measurement choice.
With the Rosemount 3144 Temperature Transmitter, you gain greater visibility into your temperature processes so you can improve safety, comply with regulations, make the most of your limited resources, and reach your production and quality targets.
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