High Pressure Letdown

The energy associated with large pressure reduction through process piping system valving results in vibration and noise. 

It may also be accompanied by a temporary or permanent phase change of the whole process steam, or just a fraction within, from liquid to gas. Understanding the fluid dynamics happening with the pressure reduction is key to ensuring that the pressure can be reduced in a stable, controlled manner.

Spartan Controls’ High Pressure Letdown technologies provide the means to throttle the process effectively. Our local experts will aid in the selection of properly sized control valves with the needed trim and seal capability for this service to promote valve durability and with consideration for corrosion, erosion, capacity, and leakage concerns. 

The Fisher 461 Sweep-Flo valve, is a self-cleaning, increased outlet, angle valve that features a venturi-type throat, which is useful where high pressure drops, slurries or flashing might exist. It is typically used in the hydrocarbon, power and chemical industries.
Fisher NotchFlo DST control valves offer excellent control of liquid services with high pressure drops and entrained particulate. The dirty service anti-cavitation trims feature multi-stage protection against damaging effects of cavitation and erosive solids.
Fisher Dirty Service Trim (DST) is a multi-stage, anti-cavitation control valve trim for use in services where the fluid may have entrained ¼” to ¾”particulate that could plug the passages or cause erosion damage to conventional anti-cavitation trims.
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