Temperature Control

Over time, thin layers of coke build up on the inside of cracking tubes. 

Variability in feedstock increases the speed at which this coke builds up in the furnace. Build up can lead to unplanned outages causing possible damage to furnaces as well as safety concerns.

Monitoring with the addition of Rosemount’s technologies takes manual temperature measurements and brings them online easily. Measuring each tube stops hot spots from occurring in the furnace which ensures that the coke build up is consistent across all the tubes. Extend the run time between decoke cycles by utilizing Spartan’s Temperature Control solution. 

The Rosemount 644 offers a flexible and reliable solution to any temperature measurement need. As a highly accurate transmitter that comes in either HART, FOUNDATION Fieldbus or PROFIBUS PA communication protocols, as well as head mount, field mount, or rail mount form factors, the Rosemount 644 is designed to meet your most demanding applications.
With the Rosemount 3144 Temperature Transmitter, you gain greater visibility into your temperature processes so you can improve safety, comply with regulations, make the most of your limited resources, and reach your production and quality targets.
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