Asset Monitoring

In today’s competitive business environment running to failure or reactive maintenance practices applied to critical compressors put organizations at a disadvantage through increased cost of operations and poor efficiency. 

Today’s maintenance strategies on critical rotating and reciprocating assets require not only shut down protection, but additional information that can be used to determine asset health, which can then be communicated enterprise wide to affect maintenance and operational decisions.

Production and process variables often have dramatic impact on the behavior or health of the critical assets. Integration of the multitude of data sources historically have presented both technical and financial challenges resulting in less than optimal utilization of information.

Through the use of properly applied technologies for reciprocating (PROGNOST Asset Management Systems) and rotating (Emerson Machinery Health) compressor technologies, Spartan Controls can efficiently provide health information beyond standard API specifications. Through the integration of machinery health information and DeltaV or other process control systems, critical compressor owners can understand the behavior of critical assets and how they are impacted by various operating conditions. 

Prognost is the technological leader in Safety Protection and Online Monitoring for Rotating Equipment providing remote diagnostics with an experience of more than 25 years. PROGNOST®-NT monitors Rotating Equipment all over the world and is the unquestioned marketleader for online compressor diagnostics.

AMS Suite
Achieve “Best in Class” Reliability and Maintenance performance by incorporating AMS Predictive technologies within your reliability based maintenance programs.
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