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Building Technology


Commercial and Institutional facility operators face unique challenges often operating with complex legacy systems patched together throughout facilities that have been constructed and built up over a long period of time. Our goal is to support operations in establishing consistent facility operation through modernized control systems and establishing reliability through engineered final control and measurement solutions. 
Valves and Actuation
Control and Safety SystemsSolutions - Process Control
Boiler Technology

Boiler Technology

Spartan's Combustion Management group has a long history of collaboration with our Building Technology customers focusing on burner management solutions, fuel trains, performance testing, compliance audits, and full packaged boilers.
Combustion Management 
District Energy

District Energy

District energy continues to be a growing source of centralized heating for urban centers in Western Canada. Spartan Controls has worked closely with our local customers implementing advanced control strategies ensuring redundant and efficient operations.
Valves and ActuationControl and Safety SystemsSolutions - Process Control 
Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure

With over a third of CO2 energy-related emission in Canada being generated through building operations, the need for a continued focused and strategic effort to modernize legacy control systems and target greener operation has never been greater. Together with our customers, Spartan has implemented proven technology in pursuit of limiting emissions in building
Electric ActuationLow Bleed Pneumatics Power and Drive Solutions - VFDsAdvanced Process Control Services
Valve Steam Testing Unit

Custom Solutions

Spartan collaborates with our customers to deliver turn-key engineered packages tailored for their unique application challenges. From district energy custody transfer stations to remote monitoring solutions, we have the in-house expertise to meet any custom packaging needs.
Industry Applications 
Data Centers

Data Centers

Data Center Automation systems require uptime, reliable performance of heating and cooling equipment, energy efficiency, environmental stewardship, and consistent performance. Selection of proven application final control devices and redundant control strategies are key to exceeding critical operation demands.
Butterfly Isolation ValvesControl Valves 

From skyscrapers to redundant power systems, our team of experts can help you address your equipment and system needs.

We have the know how to identify the issues with the individual components, as well as craft an overall operating system to delivers consistent, energy-saving results.
Deep process expertise
Understanding of building management equipment, building automation, and controls
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