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Cell & Gene Therapy
The future of medicine is being developed in the present – Spartan Controls is your partner for Life

The future of medicine is being developed in the present – Spartan Controls is your partner for Life

Cellular and Gene therapies are rewriting the boundaries of biotechnology, bringing new therapies for rare metabolic disorders, oncology and autoimmune disorders into reality today. With new frontiers come new challenges: scaling out of autologous cell therapies, manufacturing vectors in high volume and right-sizing complex data collection systems for organizations of all sizes.

Spartan can help you lower costs, reduce time to market and implement quality by design into your existing and planned systems.
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Process Management

Automation & Analytics
  • Architect Control Solutions
  • Implement automation and PAT solutions
  • CGT infrastructure Scale Out

Electronic Data Management

IIoT and Comprehensive Data Strategy
  • Data Visualization and Contextualization
  • Electronic Batch Records(EBR)
  • Digital Transformation Design and Implementation

Resource Optimization

Maximize Manufacturing Resources
  • Real Time Scheduling
  • Organize Maintenance Activities
  • Integrate diverse equipment

Equipment Management

Holistic Plant Monitoring
  • Calibration and Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Reliability Programs
  • Retrofit existing obsolete PLCs

Supply Chain

Manage Logistics and Inventory
  • Materials Tracking and Management
  • Accurately project production output
  • Right size manufacturing capacity
Chain of identity and chain of custody are critical for guaranteeing lifesaving medications are produced with no patient risk and delivered on-time to the correct patient. From sample receipt to testing to delivery, steps in your process should be electronically documented and verified. Electronic CoI/CoC workflows ensure materials are tracked and documented in real time as a batch moves from patient cell delivery to cell expansion through transformation to final formulation and distribution.

Emerson solutions help guarantee that your process is accurately documented and verified, helping the right people do the right operations with the right materials on the right batch.

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Your assets are your patients’ lifeline – your organization depends on proactive measures to keep your equipment in optimal operating shape. Maintaining top quartile performance requires a predictive maintenance program crafted to fit your facility precisely and having your team access the information in a quickly digestible fashion. Preventing problems before they arise helps avoid unplanned downtime that eats into maintenance budgets and disrupts carefully curated supply chains.

Emerson offers the mix of asset management and condition monitoring specifically suited to cell therapy facilities, ensuring your product makes it to the patient’s bedside without delay.

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Your process is unique – your manufacturing requirements are too. The next generation of therapies doesn’t have a roadmap to market, organizations are blazing new trails to get there. Equipment manufacturers don’t yet have an off the shelf solution for your biomanufacturing needs, but Spartan's single use product portfolio allows for flexibility and quality for once off projects.

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