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Hydro-Guard® Automatic Flushing System

Why Automated Flushing Systems?

Hydro-Guard Automatic Flushing and Monitoring Systems are used by utilities throughout North America to maintain water quality throughout their distribution systems. These systems can be programmed to flush on a scheduled sequence and to monitor a variety of water quality conditions, including chlorine residuals, temperature, pH, flow turbidity, and pressure.

The Hydro-Guard® system monitors water quality in distribution piping and automatically initiate flushing as necessary to maintain disinfectant residuals. This system conserves water, reduces chlorine consumption, and improves customer satisfaction by helping avoid taste and odor, while requiring minimal supervision by utility personnel.


Stop Water Quality Complaints

Advanced Maintenance Flushing minimizes disinfectant residual conditions in water distribution systems by providing periodic flushing on a consistent and regulated basis in order to maintain the water quality in the distribution system between flushing events.

Advocates of this philosophy, including hundreds of municipal water distribution utilities throughout the U.S. and Canada, have concluded that smaller volumes of water can be used on a more frequent basis to maintain a minimum disinfectant residual that in turn results in a reduction in the growth rate of biofilms resulting in a reduced disinfectant demand within the pipeline. A reduced disinfectant demand in the pipeline in turn results in a longer detention time allowed prior to the loss of disinfectant residual within the pipeline.

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How Much Can You Save?

The Hydro-Guard system is inexpensive, compact and easy to install and will reduce the risk of waterborne illness, ensuring safe drinking water.

By using less water to flush the lines and less staff-hours to maintain equipment, while bringing a higher degree of consistency to the flushing effort, these devices have the ability to give a return on investment within one year.

• Reduce Complaints
•Increase customer satisfaction
• Improve Compliance
• Monitor remotely
• Respond immediately to issues
• Improve consistency of water quality

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