S140 - Safety Relief Valve Maintenance

8am-4:30pm (**end times are approximate) / 2 Days
$950 (2020 price per student; prices may change without notice; taxes extra)

This 2-day course uses lectures and examples to explain the correct procedure for valve maintenance.

This seminar is designed for technicians and others who are responsible for the maintenance of Crosby valves.

  • Valve nomenclature and definitions
  • ASME code requirements
  • Pressure-level relationship
  • Valve maintenance
  • Valve disassembly and inspection
  • Test bench technique; air, steam and water
  • Cold differential testing
  • Pilot valve testing
  • Adjustments for blowdown
  • Ring locations effects
  • Bench teardown of valves
  • Parts inspection & critical dimension measurement
  • Remachining of nozzles
  • Maintenance problems and remedies
  • Discussion on "do’s" and "don't's"
  • Quiz on safety and safety relief valves
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