Process Control Boot Camp

4 Days
$2,850.00 CDN

In collaboration with Dave Shook & Associates, Spartan Controls is pleased to offer a four-day Process Control Boot Camp integrating both a classroom and hands-on lab learning experience.

Our Boot Camp will provide hands-on opportunities for our customers to put learning into practice and develop useful skills that can increase the productivity of individuals who are both on the tools or managing a group of professionals.

Learn how to troubleshoot a control loop, decide the control objective, or tune controllers for different types of process or control objectives. Gain a better understanding of how to solve real world automation challenges and how to tell if a problem is caused by tuning, hardware, disturbances, or process interactions.

Our hands-on learning experience will allow students to develop critical thinking skills and to work more effectively in the multi-disciplined environment of a real plant.

  • Control engineering concepts and terminology
  • Introduction to control systems
  • The fallibility of instrumentation
  • Flow and level controller tuning
  • Temperature control design and tuning
  • Control of processes with time delay, IMC (Lambda) tuning
  • Statistical Process Control
  • Nonlinear control
  • Multi-loop control
  • Alarm management
  • Control project management
  • Controller performance measurement and loop troubleshooting
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