Ovation Training

7:30 am to 4:30 pm (**end times are approximate) / 10 days
$13,965 CDN (taxes extra)


100 - Starting with Data Acquisition

Reviews the major components in an Ovation system (controllers, network switches, operator station and engineer station). The student is taught how to use Ovation tools to configure I/O modules and to modify and create digital and analog point records.

200 - Building & Maintaining Ovation Control

Provides proficiency in reading Ovation functional control schemes, tuning control schemes to improve performance & building/implementing new control schemes. Discusses creating effective control using algorithms.

300 - Ovation Troubleshooting

Provides the skills and methods to troubleshoot and repair faults in the data acquisition and control functions of the Ovation system. Requires students to isolate faults anywhere in the signal path, from the field terminations to the I/O modules, through the controller, across the network and into the graphic display. Students will evaluate single - and multiple - problem scenarios.

**Reminder Tuition is due by May 1, 2020**

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