7409 DeltaV Implementation 1 with LIVE

8am-4:30pm (M-Th) 8am-Noon (Fri) / 4.5 days
$4,570 (2020 price per student; taxes extra; price may change at any time)


During the 4.5 day course, the student will be able to define system capabilities, define nodes, configure continuous and sequential control strategies, create process alarms, operate the system, troubleshoot the system and modify operator displays using the DeltaV Live Operator Interface introduced with DeltaV Version 14.3. 

This course includes access to a virtual DeltaV system to practice and review course workshops complete with brief recorded demonstrations available after course completion
٠ System Overview
٠ DeltaV Explorer
٠ DeltaV Diagnostics
٠ Control Modules
٠ Control Studio
٠ Motor Control with Interlocking and Permissive Conditions
٠ Cascade Control
٠ Regulatory Control
٠ DeltaV Live
٠ Graphics Studio
٠ System Operation
٠ Alarms & Process History View
٠ Alarm Help
٠ Sequential Function Charts
٠ Configure Theme Dynamos
٠ Electronic Marshalling (CHARMS)

Microsoft Windows experience.

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