7305 - DeltaV SIS Implementation

8am to 4:30pm / 4.5 Days
$4,370 (Prices subject to change)

This 4.5 day course is a hands-on instructor led course. The course covers complete DeltaV SIS Implementation including hardware and software architecture. Students will be able to design a DeltaV SIS Network and Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs). Additionally, students will be able to configure smart SIS instruments and their associated alerts, including partial stroke testing.

  •  DeltaV SIS overview
  •  DeltaV SIS SLS 1508 hardware architecture
  •  DeltaV SIS with Electronic Marshalling hardware architecture
  •  DeltaV Safety Instrumented functions
  •  Rosemount SIS Instruments security
  •  AMS Device Manager relating to DeltaV SIS
  •  DeltaV SIS Fisher SIS digital valve controller
  •  SISNet repeaters
  •  DeltaV SIS security
  •  DeltaV version control
  • Course #7009 is required
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