7029 - DeltaV Virtualization

4.5 Days
This 4.5 day course focuses on the installation, configuration and system administration of a virtualized DeltaV distributed control system.  Using a combination of lectures and workshops students will learn skill sets that enable them to properly plan, implement and maintain a robust DeltaV Virtual Studio (DVS) system intended for online (production) use.  A key objective of this course is to prepare students for all aspects of owning a DVS system with special emphasis on providing highly available, reliable and secure access for end users of the DVS system.
• Virtualization Primer – Basics of How Virtualization Works
• Overview of DeltaV Virtualization Solutions
• Planning a DeltaV Virtual Studio System
• Installing and Configuring a VRTX Chassis and Blade Servers
• Creating DeltaV Virtual Machines including a ProfessionalPlus Node
• Configuring a WYSE Thin Client and Redundant Thin Client Networks
• Create a Highly Available Failover Cluster 
• Patching and Hardening of Cluster Nodes
• Cluster Health Monitoring and Troubleshooting
• Disaster Recovery and Replication
• Upgrading and Capacity Expansion

Course 7027, DeltaV Systems Administration for Windows 7 and Server 2008

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