7028 - DeltaV Virtualization Administration

$2,870.00 (prices are subject to change)
This 3 day DeltaV Virtualization course focuses on the various software that is used in the management of a DeltaV Virtualization environment.  Students will engage in workshops that will reinforce the material discussed to successfully run and maintain a Virtualized DeltaV system.
Virtualization Hardware Setup
  • Overview of a typical virtualization system
  • Differences between a Host and DC Servers
  • Role of a DC
  • Networks within a virtualized system
  • Clusters
  • Virtual Networks

Virtual Machines
  • Review Templates
  • Process to create Virtual machines
  • Overview of classroom setup
  • Create additional DeltaV Workstations
DeltaV Virtual Studio Tools
  • Grouping
  • VM Modifications
  • Edit Collection Settings
Thin Clients
  • DRDC
  • Redundant Thin Client Networks
Replication & Disaster Recovery
  • Install/Configure Replication
  • Examine replication options
  • Recover from failovers
Health Monitoring & Troubleshooting
  • Emerson SHM
  • DVS/Cluster Diagnostics
  • DeltaV Alarming
  • Failure Scenarios
Host Patching & Moving VMs
  • Patching Procedures, Verification

7024 DeltaV Systems Administration: XP/Server 2003 or;
7027 DeltaV System Administration

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