S440 - Advanced Programming using Bristol ControlWave Designer

8am-4:30pm (M-Th) 8am-Noon (Fri) / 4.5 Days
**ON DEMAND** Contact Spartan Education for details

This 4.5 day course is an advanced IEC-61131 programming session using Bristol ControlWave Designer software.

It focuses on building a standard gas wellhead measurement and automation application using a blend of IEC programming languages such as function block diagram, structured text and ladder logic.

  • Build an AGA3 (orifice plate) gas metering application with flow control valve and shutdown key automation including a Modbus TCP SCADA interface.
  • Review of ControlWave Designer IEC 61131-3 programming environment.
  • Build a gas measurement program using the Bristol ACCOL3 function block library (AGA3, AGA8, MVT Interface) with a mix of structured text and function block diagram.
  • Program shutdown key automation with ladder logic.
  • Create a user defined function block with logic for automating a flow control valve using function block diagram.
  • Define and program historical data archives for trending and meter report data.
  • Configure a modbus TCP slave communications program for a SCADA host interface.
Course #S340
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