1730 - Fisher - Pneumatic Level Controller - Maintenance and Calibration

8am-Noon (**end times are approximate) / 0.5 Days
$312 (2020 price per student; prices may change without notice; taxes extra)

**ON DEMAND** No dates scheduled.  Please contact Spartan Education for details

This 4 hour remote virtual classroom course event consists of 2 virtual classroom parts, 2 hours for each part.  It will explain the technical operation and maintenance of pneumatic level controllers and transmitters. 

A detailed overview of displacer based level methods for applications including single fluid level, interface, and density will be covered. Basics of proportional, integral, and derivative actions are discussed as well as the proper procedures for mounting, calibrating and configuring the devices.•Fisher™ 249 Displacer Sensors 

•Fisher™ 2500

•Fisher™ 2502
•Common level measurement methods
•Displacer basics
•Torque tube construction
•Displacer mounting
•Fisher 249 displacer sensor maintenance
•Mounting and calibrating Fisher™ 2500
•Mounting and Calibrating Fisher™ 2502
None, however some experience and familiarity to process control and general valve operation is recommended.
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