2094 - AMS 2140 Advanced Functions

8am-4:30pm (**end times are approximate) / 3 Days
$2,620 (2020 price per student; prices may change without notice; taxes extra)

This 3 day course is intended for personnel with single-channel vibration analysis experience and little or no multi-channel experience. 

This class covers advanced signal processing using Emerson's patented PeakVue™ technology for slow-speed analysis, coherence and cross-channel phase, operating deflection shapes (ODS), modal analysis, and other advanced techniques.
  • PeakVue™
  • Resonance detection
  • Dual channel data collection
  • Fundamentals of cross-channel data collection
  • Introduction to coherence and cross-channel phase
  • Orbit data collection
  • Introduction to Operating Deflection Shape (ODS) testing methods
  • Introduction to modal analysis testing methods
  • Advanced two-channel DLP
  • Zoom analysis, cascade, and overall
  • Transient time waveform capture and analysis
  • AMS 2140 Analysis Experts
Single-channel vibration analysis experience required.
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