MSMT - Introduction to Measurement

8am-5pm (**end times are approximate) / 1 Day
Free (Price subject to change)

If you are new to engineering or specifying instrumentation, then we invite you to join Spartan's specialists for an overview of measurement.

We offer three seminars – for measurement, control valves, and regulators – which focus on theory, technology, and application with respect to the topics mentioned below.

  •  Pressure measurement theory
  •  Pressure transmitter selection
  •  Flow fundamentals
  •  dP flow theory
  •  Velocity flowmeter technology & application
  •  Coriolis flowmeter theory & installation
  •  Flow best practices
  •  Level and temperature fundamentals & technology
  •  Liquid and gas analysis
  •  Instrumentation installation requirements
  •  Instrumentation specification
  •  Instrumentation diagnostics
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