S340 - Bristol ControlWave Gas Measurement Application Training

8am-4:30pm (**end times are approximate) / 3 Days
$936 (2020 price per student; prices may change without notice; taxes extra)

This 3 day course covers the integration of Bristol Multi-Variable Sensors and the Standard Directive 17 Flow Computer application for gas measurement using the ControlWave Micro.

  • Configure, calibrate, and integrate Bristol Multi-Variable transmitter products.
  • Build a D17 gas metering application using the Bristol Canadian EFM function block library
  • Overview of Bristol RTU and measurement hardware
  • Connect, configure, and calibrate with Rosemount 4088B
  • Introduction to TechView and WebBSI
  • Flash configuration in LocalView and TechView
  • Intro to OpenBSI utilities (ataView, downloader, comms stats etc.)
  • Hardware troubleshooting\
  • Connection to analog MVTs using FSK-RS232 modem (TIU/CTIU)
  • Field and network firmware upgrades Introduction to ControlWave Designer IEC 61131-3 programming environment
  • Build a gas measurement program using the Canadian EFM function block library (AGA3 and XMTR 3-in-1 interface)
  • Configure a modbus RTU master/slave communications program
  • I/O configurator
  • System variable wizard overview
  • Building and transferring download files
  • Logic debugging and troubleshooting


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