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1751V - Fisher HART based FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers using Communicators & ValveLink

Course number
$1,000 (price per student; taxes extra)


1 Day - condensed class
8am MST-4pm MST (approximate end time)

Max Capacity

8 students (registration is first come, first serve)


This 3-day course provides hands-on experience working with FIELDVUE™ digital valve controllers using an Emerson 475 or AMS Trex™ Communicator.  The class will discuss basic operation and installation of the FIELDVUE digital valve controllers.  Students will practice installing and mounting FIELDVUE digital valve controllers onto sliding stem and rotary control valve assemblies, as well as perform basic configuration and calibration of FIELDVUE Instruments.  Troubleshooting the digital valve controller using ValveLink™ Mobile software will be performed and basic data interpretation will be introduced.


  • FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controller Theory of Operation
  • FIELDVUE Instrument Installation
  • Configuration and calibration with a communicator using ValveLink Mobile Diagnostic troubleshooting and data interpretation using ValveLink Mobile with AD and PD tier devices


This course is for technicians, engineers and others responsible for installing, calibrating and basic troubleshooting FIELDVUE instruments using the 475 Field Communicator.


Some experience in instrument calibration and in control valve maintenance, installation, and operation would be helpful.

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