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S009 - Practical Process Control

Course number
$2,964 (price per student; taxes extra)


4 Days
8am MST-4pm MST (approximate end times)

Max Capacity

10 Students (registration is first come, first serve)


Spartan Controls’ Practical Process Control course is the designed to provide a fundamental understanding of the tools available to solve process control problems and how to apply them appropriately for robust efficient control.
Including both classroom and hands-on lab-based exercises, this course gives students the ability to put their learning to practice with industry-based examples.  Learn how to model a process and tune a loop using a calculated approach to achieve the desired process response based on your control objective.
This course will also provide you with the ability to diagnose a poorly performing loop to determine if the cause is related to instrumentation, tuning or other process interactions.


  • Control systems engineering termi-nology
  • Instrumentation limitations and its effect on control loop performance
  • Process Modelling
  • Lambda (IMC) Tuning
  • Tuning Self-Regulating Loops (Basic Flow or Temperature)
  • Tuning Integrating Loops (Tank Lev-el)
  • Advanced Regulatory Control Topics (Cascade, Gain Scheduling and oth-er tools)
  • What is Advanced Process Control and when do I need it?
  • How to deal with interacting and oscillating loops
  • Alarm management
  • Justifying Control Enhancement Pro-jects
  • Control Loop Troubleshooting


Those interested in learning more on the side of troubleshooting process control problems.



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