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OVAT - Ovation Training

Course number
$11,000 CDN (taxes extra)


10 days
Times to be determined when program is scheduled

Max Capacity

10 Students (registration is first come, first serve)


OV100 - Starting with Data Acquisition

For those new to the Ovation system, the Ovation Data Acquisition course covers Ovation terminology, Operator functions and the Ovation Controller physical layout.  The course offers practice using the Ovation engineering tools that are designed to simplify data acquisition.  Data acquisition types include digital, analog and analog temperature sensing sources, as well as introducing the end-user to the Developer Studio for point building and I/O module configuration.

OV200 - Building & Maintaining Ovation Control

The OV200 course is designed to provide proficiency in reading Ovation functional control schemes.  Tuning, building and implementing new control schemes to improve performance are covered.  Both modulating (analog) and discrete digital control schemes are included in the scope of the course. Discussions include the various types of control algorithms available and how they can be used to create effective control. The course is further intended for people who work with Ovation Controllers to tune and build analog and digital control schemes in a Windows environment.

OV210 - Ovation Graphics

The OV210 course was designed to teach the end-user how to construct graphic diagrams that depict the controlled process. Students will use the Ovation Graphics Builder program to build process diagrams, implement the display of static and dynamic objects, provide for control linkage and conditional changes that occur due to alarm conditions or process changes. Methods for standardizing information entities, control interfaces and troubleshooting problems within the graphics code are also covered.  

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