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1720 - Fisher Pneumatic Pressure Controller Maintenance and Calibration

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$312 (price per student; taxes extra)
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-Minimum attendance to start a class is 5 students
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This 4-hour remote virtual classroom course event consists of 2 virtual classroom parts, 2 hours for each part.  It will explain the technical operation and maintenance of pneumatic pressure controllers and explain the basics of the proportional, integral, and derivative response.

Who Should Attend:

This course offers a technical perspective of the working of Fisher pneumatic pressure controllers. The course is especially useful to anyone with responsibilities to repair, maintain, calibrate, and tune pressure controllers.


Maintenance of common components such as bourdon tubes and bellows elements will be discussed along with the proper procedures for calibrating various Fisher controllers.

•Fisher™ C1 Pressure Controller
•Fisher™ 4150/4160 Pressure Controller
•Fisher™ type 4195 Pressure Controller
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•  PID Actions
•  Operational overview
•  Zero and Span Calibration
•  Changing control action
•  Bourdon Tube Replacement C1/4150/4160
•  Linkage adjustment 4195
•  Flapper Leveling 4195


None, however some experience and familiarity to process control and general valve operation is recommended