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1450 - Valve Technician II

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This 4 day course discusses a basic approach to troubleshooting and correcting many common control valve problems. Fisher Specification Manager Software is introduced to give the student a better feel for the sizing and selection process of the valve and actuator.

Who Should Attend:

Students are typically experienced valve mechanics and maintenance personnel, instrument technicians, and others who will benefit from a broadened perspective of control valve performance and maintenance issues.


Problems such as cavitations, flashing, and aerodynamic noises are also discussed, as well as, common solutions to these problems using different control valve trims and materials. Instrumentation topics are expanded from course 1400 to include troubleshooting and advanced calibration for split ranging, non-compatible signals, or using additional instruments such as a volume booster and trip valves. Loop performance due to stick-slip, high friction, and improper loop tuning are also discussed, along with the use of process simulation software to look at the basic approach to loop tuning and troubleshooting.


  • Control loop basics
  • Major loop basics
  • Control loop performance
  • Influences on loop performance
  • Valve sizing & selection
  • Valve troubleshooting
  • Actuator sizing & selection
  • Actuator troubleshooting
  • Instrument selection
  • Instrument troubleshooting
  • Controller tuning
  • Severe service considerations


Course 1400