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2337 - 5300 Series HART Radar Level Transmitter

Course number
$1,880 (price per student; taxes extra)


1 Day
8am Mountain Time-4pm Mountain Time(approximate end times)

Max Capacity

8 Students (registration is first come, first serve)


This 1 day course is broken into lecture and hands on experience which will teach the student how to install, configure, troubleshoot, and maintain the Rosemount model 5300 series HART radar level transmitters.

Students who complete this course will be able to:

  • Explain the principles of operation of the 5300 GRW
  • Identify 5300 GRW parts and explain their functionality
  • Understand the available probe options and when each should be used
  • Properly install and wire the 5300 GRW
  • Configure and test the 5300 GRW
  • Understand how to setup the 5300 GRW to work in different applications
  • Properly troubleshoot the 5300 GRW transmitter and installation using Radar Master software


  • 5300 overview and principles of operation
  • Installation of the 5300 GRW
  • Wiring the 5300 GRW
  • Configuration of the 5300 GRW
  • Bench testing the 5300 GRW
  • Field communicator operation
  • AMS Software operation
  • Radar Master software operation
  • Troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Tank & application troubleshooting and echo handling using Radar Master Software


This course is designed for those individuals responsible for the installation, configuration, and calibration and maintenance of the Rosemount model 5300 high performance guided wave radar (GWR) series HART radar level transmitter.


Knowledge of basic level fundamentals and instrumentation

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