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1752S - Custom DVC Course

Course number
Course Only: $945 (per person, taxes extra); ValveLink Software and HART Modem available to purchase upon request


The following 2 day custom Spartan certified training will count for 16-hrs of professional development credits with APEGA / ASET. The intent is to enable end users to maximize the value of the DVC and communicate recommended work practices in a compressed offering.


Day 1

  • DVC mounting – DVC6200, 6010 and 6020 installation   
  • HART Handheld Set up – Using the setup wizard on the 475 field communicator
  • Valvelink express install – Class demo/overview
  • Valvelink Set up – Running through the setup wizard using Valvelink

Day 2

  • DVC configuration – Going through the detailed setup to prepare for diagnostics
  • Valvelink Diagnostics – Signature, step response and PD online diagnostics
  • Valvelink Diagnostics analysis – Common things to see, common mistakes and case studies
  • DVC implementation as a reliability tool with planned PM’s


The above customized course is a combination of the three standard courses listed below:

Fundamentals of HART based FIELDVUE Digital Valve Controllers 1751This 2 day lecture/lab style course provides the skills necessary to install and mount FIELDVUE digital valve controller onto sliding stem actuator/valve and rotary actuator/valve assemblies and configure and calibrate FIELDVUE instruments with the field communicator.
  • ValveLink mobile overview
  • Field communicator for instrument configuration, calibration and troubleshooting
  • FIELDVUE instrument installation
  • FIELDVUE digital valve controller theory of operation

ValveLink Software FIELDVUE Digital Configuration & Calibration 1752
This 2.5 day lecture/lab style course provides hands-on experience working with FIELDVUE digital valve controller, and ValveLink software. Students will be able to execute ValveLink calibration and diagnostic routines and create an instrument database. The primary focus of this course is to provide a comprehensive experience in managing digital valve controllers using the ValveLink software.

  • Introduction to ValveLink software
  • ValveLink tag and database management
  • Configuration with ValveLink
  • Calibration with ValveLink
  • ValveLink advanced and performance tier diagnostics
  • Troubleshooting
  • Introduction to diagnostic data interpretation
ValveLink Software for Diagnostics of FIELDVUE 1759This 2.5 day course practical exercises and discussions to teach the student to interpret and analyze diagnostic data obtained using FIELDVUE digital valve controllers and ValveLink software. Students will perform diagnostic tests on a variety of valve/actuator combinations and use the data to determine bench set, dynamic error band, seat load, spring rate, and other pertinent parameters. Students will also perform comparison tests on valves/actuators containing assembly or operating flaws and use the data for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Pneumatic control valve terminology
  • Features of the digital valve controller and ValveLink software
  • ValveLink diagnostic tests
  • Data interpretation
  • Troubleshooting techniques
  • Comparison testing techniques
  • Performance diagnostics