Fisher T208

Tank BlanketingThe T208 Series are direct-operated tank blanketing vapor recovery regulators. 

These regulators are used to sense an increase in vessel pressure and vent excessive internal tank pressure to an appropriate vapor recovery disposal or reclamation system. The T208 Series may also be used as backpressure regulators or relief valves.


  • Large diaphragm area provides very accurate throttling control at low pressure settings
  • Changes easily from the Type T208 to the Type T208M with two O-rings and a machine screw
  • Rugged construction: heavy duty casings and internal parts are designed to reduce vibration and shock and give this regulator the ability to withstand up to 35psig/2.4 bar and 10 psig/0.69 bar with no internal parts damage
  • Direct-operated, straightforward stem and level design minimizes the number of parts while providing excellent regulation of pressure
  • Sour gas service capability
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