Fisher T205

Tank BlanketingThe T205 Series tank blanketing regulator is a direct-operated and spring-loaded regulator. 

The regulator prevents a stored liquid from vaporizing into the atmosphere, reduces liquid combustibility and prevents oxidation or contamination of the product by reducing its exposure to air.

The T205 Series maintains a slightly positive pressure and thereby reduces the possibility of tank wall collapse during pump out operation. The T205 Series is available in two configurations: Type T205 for internal pressure registration and Type T205M for external pressure registration.


  • Low-pressure setting and fast speed of response
  • Accurate control and small lockup pressure
  • Multiple applications: can be used for a wide variety of gases including air, nitrogen, natural gas, sour gas, butane, and propane
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Easy conversion between constructions
  • Sour gas service capability
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