Spartan Controls has the infrastructure, inventory, tools, processes and people to supply Gas Utilities with high quality, locally assembled Residential Regulator Assemblies. 

We work closely with our customer’s unique design criteria to provide:

  • High QUALITY assemblies
  • Superb DELIVERY, Response-Time and Lead time to the final product
  • Reduced INVENTORY cost including less assets in transit
  • Reduced RISK for total cost of ownership
  • Reduced Freight/Shipping cost
  • Eliminate cross border logistics
  • Improved Supplier Management – Tighter integration and accountability
  • Improve Environmental Impact packaging

Working as a partner with our customers, we take pride in exceptional quality assemblies using top quality products delivered quickly and effectively to our customers so they can reduce on-hand inventory, minimize transit delays, have superb technical support when required.  Our simplified supply chain reduces your overall freight cost considerably.  In addition, we work to utilize environmentally friendly reusable packaging where we can to reduce waste for a greener and more cost effective solution to our customers.

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