Dosaodor-D Odorizer Skid

The Dosaodor-D is a computerized odorant injection system for natural gas using patented solenoid injector technology which provides uniform odorant distribution through a wick insert. 

Frequent small volume injections of odorant allow accuracy to be maintained over the entire flow range of the system approaching infinite turn down. Automatic calibration during operation adjusts for any changes in mechanical components and also detects failures for alarming. This system can also be configured to use redundant injectors and/or an emergency backup or bypass absorption system.


  • High turndown ratio
  • Environmentally friendly with no venting of gas or odorant while operating
  • Extremely low maintenance cost
  • Variety of redundancy and backup options for reliable odorization
  • User friendly configuration software
  • Standard and scalable hardware platform that supports additional station I/O for AGA flow calculations and PID control algorithms
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