Natural Gas Regulators

The use of natural gas in heating and cooling applications is commonplace in both residential and commercial applications. In industrial applications, natural gas is commonly used as a feedstock in making chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen or methanol.

No other regulator manufacturer offers more products and services tailored to the natural gas industry than Fisher®. Since the birth of the natural gas industry, Fisher Controls has been a leader in consumer commitment, value for the dollar, engineering application support, and innovative product design.

Being completely focused on Western Canada, Spartan is dedicated to meeting all the requirements, regulations and standards of our local natural gas industry. Whether your natural gas application involves pipeline transmission at 1000 PSIG, a farm tap at 350 Kpag or feeding a residual furnace operating a 7” water column, our team of application engineers are trained to supply you with the correct Fisher® regulator or relief valve, incorporating the latest engineering technology meeting and exceeding all industry standards. We can offer solutions that help you manage your process better, with higher performance and extended service life. 


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