Varec Series 4110A/3610/3660

Varec Series 4110A/3610/3660 Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves

Ideal for routine inbreathing or backup relief

This valve features spring-loaded valves that protect tanks and vessels from damage or deformation caused by changes in process pressure and vacuum conditions.

These valves are also suitable for routine inbreathing or backup relief and can be used in petroleum refineries, marketing terminals, petrochemical and chemical processes, as well as pulp and paper, food and beverage and waste water plants.

  • Spring-loaded pallet provides relief settings up to 50.8 psig (3.5 barg).
  • Flexible installation through top mounted (4110A), side mounted (3610) and flanged intake and discharge connections (3660) for ‘in-line’ applications.
  • 4110A and 3610 models’ pallets are statically balanced, side and center-guided for stability, proper alignment and non-binding, positive seating over the valve’s life.
  • Soft seat pallet inserts available for a tight seal.
  • Metal-to-metal seating available for elevated process temperatures.
  • Model 3660 valves suitable for either pressure (top-mounted) or vacuum (side-mounted) relief.
  • Model 3660 for vacuum relief allows a dehydrator to be installed to provide dry air at the intake.
  • Model 3660 for pressure relief can be connected to a discharge header to collect vapors for scrubbing, incineration, etc., controlling corrosive, flammable or toxic emissions.
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