Varec Series 2440/2450

Varec Series 2440/2450 Pressure and Vacuum Relief Valves

Designed on liquid storage tanks, vessels and vapor recovery systems

Combination spring-loaded pressure/weight-loaded vacuum relief valves configurable for pressure settings up to 50 psig (3.5 barg)

2440 and 2450 Series are used on liquid storage tanks, vessels and vapor recovery systems where excess pressure or vacuum may cause damage or permanent deformation and product leakage must be minimized.

  • Spring-loaded on the pressure side and dead-weight loaded on the vacuum side with forces proportional to the pallet surface area to achieve the desired setting.
  • Spring-loaded design allows high pressure settings with high maximum allowable working pressures.
  • Oversized port for maximum flow.
  • Lowest available leakage for spring loaded valves - less than 1 SCFH at 90% of setting.
  • Seating design ensures a tight seal until the tank pressure or vacuum approaches the related valve setting.
  • Pressure differential causes the pallet to lift, relieving excess pressure or vacuum. Pallet reseats positively in response to diminishing pressure or vacuum.
  • Center and side guided pallets.
  • Full formed flanges for easy installation.
  • Optional flange connection (2450) on the pressure side allows piping vapors away to a recovery system or flare.
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