Enardo Series 952 High-Performance Top-Mount Vacuum Relief Valve

Enardo Series 952 High Performance Top Mount Pressure Relief Valve

The Enardo Series 952 is an advanced design for vent-from-atmosphere applications. This high-performance valve utilizes the latest technologies to provide protection against positive overpressure, prevent air intake and evaporative loss of product, and help contain odorous and potentially hazardous vapors. The Series 952 offers features that exceed the performance of standard valves on the market, particularly in very cold ambient conditions and applications involving sticky materials.

Other features include: PPS internal parts for superior corrosion protection, saber guide system for precise valve stroke, exceeds leakage standard of 1 SCFH @ 90% set point, fully replaceable pallet and seat assemblies, available with ANSI, DIN and JIS Flanges and EN 13463-1, EN 13463-5 certified.


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