Enardo IL Series Threaded In-Line Flame Arrestors

Enardo IL Threaded- In-Line Flame Arrestor

Enardo Threaded In-Line Flame Arrestors are typically used for end-of-line and near end-of-line applications when the system operating pressure is near atmospheric levels, and when there is minimal probability of a flame stabilizing on the flame arrestor element for an extended period. Typical applications include small fuel-assist lines, waste gas and small instrumentation lines.

The bi-directional flame arrestor offers maximum flow to low pressure drop characteristics, is designed for easy cleaning and maintenance and is available with ANSI, DIN and JIS Flanges.


  • Maximum Flow 
  • Low Pressure Drop 
  • Easy Cleaning 
  • Less Clogging 
  • Less Maintenance 
  • Single Element Design 
  • Bi-Directional Available with ANSI, DIN and JIS Flanges

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