Hydraulic Control Valve

Hydraulic Control Valves are also known as regulators, control valves, self-controlled valves, self-operated valves, and more.In reality, they have so many names because they are very versatile and used in many applications such as:
  • Pressure reducing
  • Pressure relief
  • Pressure sustaining
  • Level control
  • Altitude valve
  • Flow control
  • Surge anticipator
  • In addition to their application versatility, they are also flexible in how they are controlled. Motive force is typically the fluid flowing in the pipe that the valve controls, however, in some designs, external force can be applied. Additionally, control set points can be mechanically set locally on the pilot, or controlled remotely via SCADA or other hosts, by sending an electrical signal to an electric actuated pilot or solenoid configuration. Feedback data can also be sent from the valve to remote operations via position transmitters, and if no power is available at the valve, power generators can be incorporated in the valve the produce power from the process flow.

    With so many options to consider it is essential you choose an experienced technician to assist you in choosing the best option available for your application. 

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