Sempell High Pressure Parallel Slide Gate

Sempell High Pressure Parallel Slide Gate Valve

High pressure and temperature parallel slide gate valve

The eyelet follower (conduit) design provides long reliable service life and allows for high seat velocities without detriment to service life.

The Dewrance high pressure parallel slide gate valves featuring ‘eyelet follower’ design are specifically designed for use in high pressure water and steam applications, such as main steam isolation, boiler feed-pump isolation, feed heater isolation, spray water and general service isolation duty. Due to the eyelet follower design, the Dewrance parallel slide gate valve can be a solution in high velocity service applications where seat erosion and damage is problematic such as steam blow.

  • Eyelet follower providing a smooth flow path and maximum performance 
  • Seat surface protection provides extended life 
  • Lower operating forces than wedge gate design 
  • Interchangability of parts 
  • Lower pressure drop characteristic than wedge gate valve 
  • Improved sealing assisted by line pressure 
  • Low operating torque, seals on position not torque
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