Fasani High Pressure Style B

Fasani High Pressure Gate valve Style B

A wide range of gate valves specifically designed for high pressure and high temperature applications.

Our pressure seal gate valves are recommended for a large variety of applications, particularly in those requiring suitability to very high pressures and temperatures: steam, oil and gas processing, chemical and petrochemical industry and in the power industry. These high quality valves are successfully installed worldwide on applications requiring tight shutoff.

  • A range of compact pressure seal gate valves designed according to ASME B16.34 and wall thickness according to API 600. 
  • All range is offered in all the material stated in the ASTM specifications (NACE compliance included), and designed to always guarantee the maximum safety and flow efficiency. 
  • End to end dimensions as per ASME B16.10 ( Long pattern for flanged valves, short pattern for Butt welded ends). 
  • Seats are welded in. 
  • Position indicator is offered as standard.
  • Stellite® gr. 6 overlay on seat and wedge; Stellite® gr. 21 overlay on backseat.
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