Fasani Bolted Bonnet LP/MP

Fasani Bolded Bonnet LP/MP

The bolted bonnet type valves are manufactured to guarantee the highest performance in the widest spectrum of oil and gas applications

The high quality valves are installed in a large variety of services in the oil and gas field, chemical and petrochemical industry, in onshore and offshore drilling/refining, and in the power industry. These valves are successfully installed worldwide on applications requiring flow reversal prevention.

Swing Check
  • Swing check valves can fit on both horizontal and vertical (up-flow) piping. 
  • Lift check valves are designed to be installed on horizontal piping or, with the aid of a spring, on vertical piping. They can also offer a quick closing service type. 
  • Tilting disc check valves are designed to prevent the disc slamming and to ensure, at the same time, a quick closing service. 
  • Standards for check valves design manufacturing are ASME B16.34 and BS 1868. 
  • Robust valve body in a wide range of materials (NACE compliance included). 
  • Threaded seat rings facilitate maintenance and/or replacement. On request, they can also be supplied as tack or seal welded. Above NPS 24 seats are seal welded as standard. 
  • Connections are offered as flanged, buttweld or special, such as clamp type, to meet any customers’ request.

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