Neotecha Model NeoSeal

NeoTecha Model NeoSeal

Model NeoSeal Lined - A lined solution with various corrosion resistant disc materials

A PTFE lined solution according ISO 5752/5 short (EN 558-1/T5) with various corrosion resistant disc materials. The valves are ideally suited for corrosive applications, requiring reliable performance, tight shutoff, constant torque and no maintenance. The valves successfully handle a multitude of corrosive applications in industries such as chemical, petrochemical, pulp and paper, semiconductor (UPW), foundries and mining.

  • The pressure to keep the two sealing surfaces of the stem seal together is provided by an upper and lower set of Belleville springs resulting in a superior stem seal, which is TA-Luft / VDI 2440 approved. 
  • The elastomer back-up pads behind the liner ensure a tight fit around the disc, for a bubble tight shut-off. 
  • The liner provides a wide flange sealing surface. 
  • A one piece thin disc stem lined with 3 mm molded PFA providing high Kv values. 
  • The liner and disc are the only two valve parts in contact with the medium. 
  • Primary shaft sealing by preloaded contact between disc and liner hub.

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